Thursday, November 03, 2005


I like the quick hits type posts. Let me know if you like them as well or if you prefer the slightly deeper but longer 1 topic type of posts..

Shayna and I received our 1st Christmas present of 2k5 yesterday. It's from my mom in law. She calls to tell us that she is sending our Christmas gift. We say it's not even Halloween yet. Wait until we get up there for thanksgiving. She says that won't work, it won't fit in our car. We say what the heck are you giving us?!!? She says it weighs 91 lbs.

So it arrives. It's a grandfather clock. Very cool, very nice of her to give it to us. Shayna suggested we put it in the bedroom..right next to my head. I think I'm going to suggest it go right next to her head. It will sound like her alarm clock anyway. I would hate to be sleeping and then have my alarm clock on my chest because she got confused during the night. :-)

In other news, our cell phone plan expires this month. 2 years with Verizon. They are giving us a $100 credit towards 1 phone if we reup with them. I'm torn on this. I could have sworn that when we initially signed up that we would get $100 per phone. We could go to Cingular and get free phones, but I don't know how well the reception would work in our apartment. Our current phones don't work very well. Decisions decisions.

Last night I took Shayna out to dinner at Chipotle. It was nice to go out and laugh and have fun (not that we don't do that anyway, but it was just nice in general). One of Shayna's coworkers has been married for 3 months and says it's "Hard". Don't know if I would catagorize marraige as hard. There are difficult times, yes. On the whole though, marraige is fun. Maybe that's just who I'm married to.

Ben Roethlisburger is out this week. Had surgery on his knee today. Charlie Batch replaces him this week. Cower doesn't trust Maddox to hold a clipboard much less a football. I've been telling my brother-in-law (shout out to Matt) for years that Maddox wasn't any good. Maddox finally came through for me earlier this season when he individually lost the game (which is hard to do in a team atmosphere)

To make up to my wife for the bad steeler news, here is panda bounce.


  1. This just solidifies how much I love being married to you!!

  2. yeah, panda bounce is pretty fun.

  3. For the record, I suggested either side of the bed and let YOU choose.

    Don't ask why it's going in the bedroom instead of any other room or I may have to tell you about my thing for themes . . .

  4. i love quick's like the USA Today of Blogs...hmmm!

    Hoo Ra!

  5. I like the quick hits, too.