Sunday, October 29, 2006

My favorite day of the year

Everyone has favorites. This is especially true for things like days. Some people prefer Fridays because it's the last day of the work week. Others prefer Sunday because they get to go to worship that day. If you ask someone what their favorite day of the year is, they will typically say a holiday. I am not one of those people.

My favorite day of the year is "Fall Back" day. There is nothing greater than waking up an hour late and still being on time. It gives a renewed energy for at least a week or two as your body adjusts. Yes, fall back day is pretty special. Of course the Arch Enemy (and consequently least favorite day of the year) is "Spring Forward" day. It usually takes a full month for my body to adjust to the dastardly deeds of Spring Forward day.

I propose a new way of life. I propose that we just get rid of Spring Forward day all together. Every year, we each get an hour back. Of course for 12 years we'll be living in darkness. We can just refer to those as the Dark Ages. I think living in the dark is way better than moving clocks forward an hour.

Who's with me? Hurray Fall Back! BOOOOOO Spring Forward!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hiccups while peeing is bad

but it's a good thing I don't have toilet cleaning duty...maybe that's why Shayna scared the hiccups away instead of doing her voodoo way.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Most people wonder what exactly are my symptoms when I have dairy. The exact symptom varies mostly by how much I have but also by what form of dairy I have it in. Milk acts much faster than whey. Cream is probably the worst. Typically I get a slight swelling in my lips, tongue, and throat (wouldn't be noticeable unless I pointed it out). If I have enough, it will progress down into my chest where I will get chest pains as well as a plegmy cough.

The only way I've found to get through it, is to just sleep it off. This is actually very helpful because I get very drowsy. Unfortunately after I wake up I feel like I've been in a fight with Nikolai Valuev (Niko as people who like to get beat up call him, really is that friggin big).

All that work just to post a picture about an obscenely large boxer. I think I might need help..

Sunday, October 22, 2006

In the great wide open

So the past two weekends have been outdoor extravaganzas. Last weekend was Shayna and I's yearly romantic getaway to the Shenandoah. We spent 2 evenings at our time share (shout out to Shenandoah Crossing) and one day hiking up Mary's Rock.

Mary's Rock was a 3.5 mile circuit in which you climbed about 2000 feet of elevation. Most of the time you are on a 45 degree slope. A slide show follows that shows the ordeal. Overall a fun, but tiring time.

This weekend was Dave's birthday camping and hiking trip. Shayna and I had purchased a tent about 4 months ago in anticipation of going camping this fall. This was actually our first opportunity to use it. This was also my first time camping so I can say I have now gone where Bryant has never gone before. (Shout out to Darla and Bryant for having their first child recently!) I have to say that even though I didn't pack very well for the chilly weather, I really like camping. It was great to spend time with Dave, Jen, Ashley, Jeff, Jeff Prime (shout out to Jeff Prime), and Shayna talking, eating, and getting yelled at by park rangers (shout out to the park rangers!)

Saturday morning we went hiking. The leaves were in full force and it was awesome. I've never been on Skyline during peak season, but I can easily see why there was a mile long line just to get in the park.

Today was a lazy Sunday watching football and worshiping God. It's been a great 2 weekends.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Carl's in Charge theme song

Come and listen to a story about a girl named shayna
My beautiful wife, can't find a rhyme for shayna
then one day she up and married me
my whole life then has been such glee

Happyness that is, good times, apple cider

Don't have time to write the rest, but you get the idea.

Love you dear!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The new hawtness

Just tried my first icecream sandwich the other day. Chocolate chip cookie with mint (soy) ice cream. It was hot..but yet confused..I think I'm getting an ice cream headache.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trying new things

The past 24 hours I have experimented with a lot. Shayna and I found a grocery store near us called Whole Foods that specialize in "natural/organic" foods. Normally anything natural or organic goes straight to the trash can, but we went because they have a broad selection of soy items.

I never thought I'd be one to jump on the soy bandwagon. Most likely because I always associated soy with tofu. While I still dislike tofu, soy in general isn't to bad. Soy sauce is great on chinese food after all.. :-)

So at Whole Foods we got some new flavors of soy yogurt (key lime and mixed berry), some banana soy pudding, and some soy sour cream (to try beef stroganhoff).

Continuing on the experimentation phase I have officially changed my blog to the beta version. So far I like the hierarchy layout for previous posts, as well as the template modification tools. I also get labels which I like.

Who knows what new items I'll try next. There is after all a koren deli right across the street..