Friday, April 29, 2005

A funny story

This past Sunday was a pretty busy day. First we had church (which is good). Shayna and I went to the early service because we knew we'd be busy working on defining moments stuff after second service. After service we go home and have lunch with our friends Jeff & Ashley. I head back to the church building to start helping with defining moments, and then Shayna comes. I have to stay later so Shayna goes home where I will meet her before heading off to small group.

So I head home. I pull into the apartment parking lot and see her car. I then enter the apartment and it's completely quiet. Shayna's not on the computer, she's not in the bathroom, I walk into the bedroom. The only things on the bed are the unmade blankets and some church clothes that weren't put away. Now I'm getting worried. I check every where again. This doesn't take long, it's a 1 bedroom apartment. I can't seem to find her anywhere.

So I'm standing in the bedroom getting all worried and for some reason I can't think of anything else to do so I call out her name (parental skills at their highest art form let me tell ya) in a big yell. Shayna as it turns out is sleeping under the unmade covers. At least she was sleeping under the covers. After my yell she yells and shoots straight out of the bed like a cannon shot.

her: "what?! what?! what's wrong???"
me: "Oh there you are. Nothing dear go back to sleep"

I love my wife. I love that she likes to play hide and seek. :-)

I must protect this house!

At the recommendation of my close personal friend Dave, (you have to be a close personal friend if you make a recommendation like this) I got a pair of under armour underwear. He claimed it was the best underwear ever.

The last time I got a recommendation like this is from my close personal friend Cris (great guy). He recommended silk boxers. Now while silk boxers are nice I find they tend to ride up on you. I'm by far more a fan of boxer briefs because, and I hope this is delicate enough, it allows your boys to roam, but still feel supported.

So I get a pair of these under armours (not under roos). And I gotta hand it to Dave. It's the best pair of underwear ever! Soft like silk, but yet the same stretchyness of cotton. They are expensive though..I plan on having them on my christmas list.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How to decrease traffic accidents

Economists are funny. Not funny haha but funny weird. I had the very interesting opportunity to study economics in college. Most people pity me because of this. But let me share some economic thinking with you..

Traffic accidents are on the rise. If you listen to the traffic report, everyday there will be at least one accident. It's inevitable. The reason why people are getting into more traffic accidents is because they feel safer and thus they take more risks. They cut people off when they shouldn't, driver faster than they should etc etc. Seat belts and airbags have caused this sort of problem.

The solution therefore is easy, get rid of air bags and seatbelts and replace it with a spike coming out of the steering column pointed right at your heart. If you get into an accident, you are guaranteed to die. This will cause people to drive safer, and therefore have less accidents.

This is completly opposite to general worldly thinking (that of, we want to make everything safer), but does present a very good point. Sometimes to get the desired result we must go against traditional thinking and that will give a solution.

As Christians, we are given these kinds of opportunities all the time. We shouldn't follow the "worldly" way, but rather God's way. A good example would be living together/sex before marraige. It sure seems like a good idea. After all, you want to make sure your completely compatible before you make that commitment to marriage. Once you completely know each other you can then rationally make the decision to get married. But if its such a good idea, why is there such a high divorce rate? Why are there studies that say more successful relationships didn't have premarital living/sex (I am going to assume of course that if you are living with the person that you are also in the same bed, and if you are sleeping in the same bed then you are also having sex)

I've been racking my brain trying to think of ways to more effectivly spread the Gospel. I think in America we have grown accustomed to being safe. Everything is safe. Showing your faith, or telling people that you are proud to be a Christian is tough (and I honestly don't do it enough) but it's dangerous. It puts the spike to your heart.

How ironic. To drive safer, we should make the vehicle less safe. To be a saved/safe Christian, we need to be out of our safe zone.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hail to the Denver Browns?

The NFL draft is this Saturday. There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to. EA Games will have an ad for Madden 2006 for the next generation console. Chris Berman and Mel Kiper will be talking draft strategies. For the most part the draft is boring and I won't be watching it (there is only so much you can take of Mel's hair). But my boys the Broncos have me worried. They hired Cleveland's defensive line coach, which I guess is a good move. But then they proceeded to hire every one of the Cleveland defensive line players. This on the whole wouldn't be so bad if for the only small fact that Cleveland wasn't very good last year. Their D-line really wasn't good. So why spend money, trades, draft picks on guys who really aern't that good? I have no idea.

The only saving grace is that Shanahan seems to have a voodoo deal with Dan Snyder of the Redskins. Danny boy keeps giving up great stuff for our junk. Last year Denver got Champ Bailey and a 2nd round pick for Clinton Portis. This year the Skins ponied up a 1st and 3rd round next year along with a 4th round this year for the Broncos #25 slot. #25 isn't a high pick. It's barely in the first round.

So while I typically watch the first round until the Broncos pick, I think I'll just watch until Madden airs their commercial and then I'll do something constructive with my time. Like play Mario Party with my wife..or terrorize the cat.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My first blog

Ok, so if you ask my wife she'll quite honestly tell you that I'm a bit retarded. This in and of itself is not untrue. In fact I can give you an example.

Quite a number of my friends, relatives are doing blogs now. I figure it's a neat way to keep up with them without the pain and hassel of actually having to email/talk to them. I figure that I should do the same (a common courtesy). I have a website where it was going to try and be a blog (an idea way ahead of it's time) but the concept of having to build webpages in pico (our college used unix for everything at this time) was really just a pain.

But back to the point.

I'm going to start a blog and I choose the name that I've had for approximately 6 years or so now. Crazykarl7. I find out that someone else has my name! What the heck? I've practically cornered the market on this name. I realize it's not a very good name but the fact remains that I've been using it for years and not once has someone else had it. I've got to tell ya, it really made me mad. So I tried other names to create this account with. cwillis, crazykarl7@, yada yada yada. Yeah well, it turns out that I had actually created the account about 8 months earlier when I was doing research for my boss. (He was interested in blogs and what information could be gleaned from them)

So I guess in conclusion of my first blog entry (8 months in the making), it's really not worth getting worked up about stupid stuff like a name...unless your name is something really bad like Bigthana.