Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wow.. almost 2 months since a post

It doesn't seem that long ago since I last posted but the blogger doesn't lie..

This will be a family type post so if that bores you feel free to move on. You won't hurt my feelings.

Sophia is now almost 6 months old and a complete joy to be around. She is almost crawling. It's more of an army man crawl at this point, but she's starting to get the hang of it. She's eating carrots, rice cereal, and oatmeal now and I love making her smile. Shayna found the perfect gift for me with the Broncos hat shown. It's never to early to start..

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife. Shayna is doing a phenomenal job with Sophia. I don't think I could do what she does. She feeds, cleans, and plays with a 6 month old, keeps the house in order, and still manages to find things to do for me (for example the Broncos hat above). I try and keep up, but I'm nowhere near as good as she is.
Thank you Shayna for being the love of my life and the best mom a daughter could ever hope for. I know in 12 years and 6 months she won't appreciate all you do and have done, but I do.
Thank you Sophia for bringing a smile to your old man's face every morning.