Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blueberry, cornbread muffins

It's kinda cold in the office today. I wish I had some wristies so that my hands could be warm but I still would maintain finger dexterity while typing.

This post is dedicated to my wife. A woman who makes me laugh, a woman who makes me smile, a woman who holds me accountable, a woman who makes me better.

Thank you for being more than I could have dreamed of dear.

I love you

Monday, October 01, 2007

On this day

On October 1st:

  • The Model T automobile was introduced by Henry Ford.
  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike opened
  • Roger Maris hits his 61st home run to beat Babe Ruth's record
  • Johnny Carson began hosting the "Tonight" show
  • Walt Disney World Opened in Orlando
  • Shayna Willis was born.

The most exciting event out of all of them was Shayna being born.

Happy Birthday dear, I love you!