Sunday, May 17, 2009

LOST Theory

Figured it was time to post my thoughts on the Lost finale. If you haven’t see it yet, there will be spoilers so I suggest you leave first.



The opening scene is with Jacob (white shirt eating the fish & who gets killed in the end) and the man in black (who I will refer to as Esau).  It’s obvious that they are trying to make these 2 people into a God & Devil type figures with Jacob as God and Esau as devil.

My hunch is this: Jacob is actually the Devil figure.  Here is how I get there:

In the opening scene Esau tells Jacob that he really wants to kill him and that he just needs to find a loophole. In classical Christian thinking Christ (God) defeats death (Satan) through a “loophole” (choosing no sin). 

Using this logic it makes sense to Jacob to foster all of the negative things to bring people to the island (let’s Kate get away with stealing, enables Sawyer to write the letter which fuels his rage, extends Locke’s crappy life into an even more crappy life, etc)

Other tidbits: The bomb doesn’t mean anything.  Sawyer was right: “What’s done is done”.  Anything that they did already happened, they just didn’t realize it.  Richard said he watched the people die so I imagine that the LOST people go to the Ben attack.  It would be interesting to see if during the scene in which Locke was in the mass grave, there was a LaFleur body.

I also think Richard is the captain of the Black Rock (Ship that was in the opening scene)

Overall, an awesome episode and season!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Looking to the past and seeing a reflection

This past week I took my mom out to lunch for Mother’s day.  After lunch she gave me my old baby book.  When I was younger I would look at it all the time, but it’s been at least 15 20 years since I’ve seen it.

I spent some time looking at it and it’s weird to see the pictures.  I see pictures of my mom and dad and they look so young. I can see the family resemblance between my dad and brother.  My grandfather looks just like my Uncle Mike. 

Looking at the pictures I wonder what my parents are thinking.. if they were as scared/excited about having me as I am about having Sophia. 

I wonder what the back story was behind some of the pictures.  If pictures speak a thousand words, how many words do they not speak?

Pandora Sidebar

One of the things about Vista that I’ve resisted using was the sidebar.  I use dual monitors practically all of the time, but being mobile means at times I have to go down to one and then it’s just a pain having the real estate taken from me. I then have to turn it off etc.. such a pain.

I decided to give it a try though.  Most of the stuff on there I find pretty useless, however I did find a Pandora app which plays music without actually having to go to their site.  So now I have a sidebar..