Sunday, May 17, 2009

LOST Theory

Figured it was time to post my thoughts on the Lost finale. If you haven’t see it yet, there will be spoilers so I suggest you leave first.



The opening scene is with Jacob (white shirt eating the fish & who gets killed in the end) and the man in black (who I will refer to as Esau).  It’s obvious that they are trying to make these 2 people into a God & Devil type figures with Jacob as God and Esau as devil.

My hunch is this: Jacob is actually the Devil figure.  Here is how I get there:

In the opening scene Esau tells Jacob that he really wants to kill him and that he just needs to find a loophole. In classical Christian thinking Christ (God) defeats death (Satan) through a “loophole” (choosing no sin). 

Using this logic it makes sense to Jacob to foster all of the negative things to bring people to the island (let’s Kate get away with stealing, enables Sawyer to write the letter which fuels his rage, extends Locke’s crappy life into an even more crappy life, etc)

Other tidbits: The bomb doesn’t mean anything.  Sawyer was right: “What’s done is done”.  Anything that they did already happened, they just didn’t realize it.  Richard said he watched the people die so I imagine that the LOST people go to the Ben attack.  It would be interesting to see if during the scene in which Locke was in the mass grave, there was a LaFleur body.

I also think Richard is the captain of the Black Rock (Ship that was in the opening scene)

Overall, an awesome episode and season!

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  1. From:

    Since I saw the last chapter of the 5th season of Lost, I have not stopped to think that Jacob did not seem to represent the good and the nemesis of evil.

    Rather, it is as if two opposing forces of nature were in the midst of a philosophical discussion about the spirit of man and free will.

    Two opposing fundamental forces ... universal... ... Am I the only one who thinks of the Yin and Yang?

    Intending to investigate these suspicious, I went to the informer who has given me better results ... Wikipedia.

    The results were extraordinary: The yin and yang describes two opposing and seemingly fundamental forces which, are in all things.

    Is represented by the logo that we all know, the Taijitu, and also the eight trigrams or Pa Kua (shown on the logo of the Dharma Initiative).

    But it better not end there. Wikipedia says that the theory of yin and yang can be applied to all existing concepts and is particularly important in Taoism.

    The fundamental goal of Taoist immortality is achieved. It was said that people living in harmony with nature were immortal (See Richard Alpert).

    * Taoism establishes the existence of three forces: one positive, one negative and one third, conciliatory. The first two opponents simultaneously and complement each other, ie they are totally interdependent and function as a unit. They are the Yin (negative force / subtle, feminine, humidity ...) and Yang (positive force / concrete male dry ...). The third force is the Tao, or that contains superior strength. (see Wikipedia).

    The Taoist believes no more than life over death, to the construction of the destruction or the pleasure of the suffering ... and insignificant everyday things have meaning far more profound than we give it (why all this me reminiscent of Bernard and Rose?)

    The Tao is like the empty space to express everything xistía ye before Heaven and Earth. Is the mother of creation and source of all beings. The Tao is not temporary or limited when trying to observe it, do not go, do not hear or feel it. It is the primary source of cosmic creation comes. If we try to define it, hear it or watch it would be possible. The mystery whose depths emerge from all the wonders.

    Tao is the name given to the global natural order. The purpose of the Tao is to teach the man to move into the nature ...

    My theory about Lost? The island is the origin of all myths of humanity: The Hesperides, Eden, Isis, Osiris, Allah, Yahweh, Lucifer ... Put the name you want.

    Jacob and his nemesis is the Yin and Yang and Tao ...? You have to know ... It is the Island