Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finishing the fight

I got Halo 3 this morning and have gotten to play 2 chapters..I think. There really aren't chapters like there was in the first one. I've gotten past 2 major load screens..before that meant chapters..

First impressions:

This graphics are good. Not wow factor like the first time I saw Gears of War, but definitely a step above the previous versions. I'm enjoying this one the most. I haven't gotten completely used to the new controls (b is now deploy shield and right button is reload. I can't tell you how many times I've wasted a shield trying to reload..) but overall I think the boys at bungie got this one right.

I'm really looking forward to playing with the level editor..

Halo 3

SOOO I thought I would go and grab my copy of Halo 3 tonight and then start playing in the morning. See as how I have to work most of the time when I'm actually awake at night and I have to be at a client's at 10 am.

Stupidly, I forgot how crazy those midnight releases for video games are. I roll up to the gamestop at about quarter till and there are easily 250 people surrounding the place. You figure it takes approximately 1 min to process each person (showing preorder, verify, pay, sign, etc) and this was looking to be at least 2 hours to get the game (they would most likely have 2 registers running)

So being the responsible person I am, I decided to actually work during those 2 hours, get some sleep, get the game in the morning, and maybe take my 360 to the client's. I'm trying to figure out, if I do that, can I write off the 360 as a business expense, or just the game?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sometimes even a rock needs to lean against something

This weekend, I needed someone to take care of me.  I'm starting to get sick (which I hate) and cranky (which everyone hates) but my wife was right there offering to get me soup or putting me to bed.
It's good to be able to lean on someone when you need them.
That is all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fantasy Weekend

I'm in 3 leagues this year. By the time you get to 3 leagues fantasy football becomes very blurry. You forget who you have and by the end of the season all you really care about is one team.

So far I'm 2-1 this season. Time to stop paying attention to the pay league..

Thursday, September 06, 2007


After so many months with only stuff besides professional football, professional football is back. Oh joy!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This weekend I got my Xbox 360. I had been wanting once since they had come out, and Shayna convinced me that this should be the week we get it. So I traded in my original Xbox along with most of my games. We got about $80 for it, which was a little depressing.

I now have All-Pro football and two wireless controllers so I can play with someone else here. I've also reserved my copy of Halo 3. I don't think I'll be able to afford any other games until Christmas. By far the coolest feature of the 360 is being able to download demo games for free. So far, I think I've downloaded like 5.

In other news this weekend, my close personal friend Odgie had his birthday party on Saturday at Famous Dave's. There was much rejoicing.

Sunday brought good times with people at our new church. Particularly the Rice's (Shout out to Peter and Betsy) who were part of the: The Super Advanced First Team in putt putt.

That evening brought more good times because we played games with new friends Tom & Lore Lynch (shout out to Tom and Lore).

The only downer of the weekend was news that the Roland's will be leaving the DC area to move to St. Louis by the end of September. Something about jobs out there..I don't know, I don't pay much attention. Seriously though, Dave and Jen, you will be missed. Good luck, and hopefully we'll get to do dinner or something before you go.

Last shout out will be to my lovely & beautiful wife who is starting with the kids tomorrow. Last year was brutal. This year will be much better dear, I know it. :-)

Remember kids, keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground, and a bowl of jello under your pillow, just in case you get hungry at night.