Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3

SOOO I thought I would go and grab my copy of Halo 3 tonight and then start playing in the morning. See as how I have to work most of the time when I'm actually awake at night and I have to be at a client's at 10 am.

Stupidly, I forgot how crazy those midnight releases for video games are. I roll up to the gamestop at about quarter till and there are easily 250 people surrounding the place. You figure it takes approximately 1 min to process each person (showing preorder, verify, pay, sign, etc) and this was looking to be at least 2 hours to get the game (they would most likely have 2 registers running)

So being the responsible person I am, I decided to actually work during those 2 hours, get some sleep, get the game in the morning, and maybe take my 360 to the client's. I'm trying to figure out, if I do that, can I write off the 360 as a business expense, or just the game?

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