Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looking forward to next Christmas

Next year I will have a 6 month old child.  It's very exciting. Seeing their face light up with the lights..Crying on Santa's lap..putting antlers on it's head for the Christmas card.

It's gonna be great. :-)

This Christmas is going to be great as well.  We are with family and will have a great time.

Hope everyone out there has a wonderful Christmas!

I hate it when technology is right

It's very frustrating when I'm working on a report or project and a value comes up that I think shouldn't be correct. So I spend hours trying to figure out how the stupid computer came up with such a number when I realize I misplace a ) or * or a 2.

It's also frustrating when the GPS thinks you are on 76 East when you obviously turned onto 70 West.  Wait, what did that sign say?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quick Hits

  • How does make money?  Does anyone really pay for their services?  Everyone I wanted to reconnect with is either on facebook or myspace.  I got a message today saying someone added me to their contact list. I don't recognize the name, so I go into the site. For me to see who has added me, I have to pay.  Something is not quite right there..
  • My wildest fantasy dreams have come true.  I'm in 2 fantasy league championships this week.  I have never done this well before. I credit the schedule for allowing me to get wins when I shouldn't have.
  • My third fantasy team came in dead last.  Time to start researching who will be my franchise pick..
  • Congratulations to Kate and Gabe on their newest addition.  I don't know any of the details other than they were at the hospital last night.
  • My wife is really great.  We've both been pretty stressed out with work and such the past couple of weeks. It's been harder on her because of the pregnancy.  I don't think I could put up with all that she does. 
  • The Broncos will probably miss the playoffs this season.  Sure if they win one more game, or the Chargers lose 1 game they are automatically in, but here is how it will play out:  They lose this week and the Chargers win.  Then the final game is Broncos vs. Chargers. Chargers win and go to the playoffs with an 8-8 record, while teams that are much better (in terms of talent and record) will stay home.  This won't change how the NFL does playoffs because this way there are meaningful games in the last week of the season (even if it is between teams that shouldn't be there)
  • I think for lunch today I will have sushi.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things that feel great

  • Catching a TD pass
  • Putting on underwear straight from the dryer (pants too)
  • Helping someone in need
  • Hearing your child's heartbeat
It amazes me everyday the stuff going on in Shayna's body.