Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home again, home again jiggity jig

The title of this post comes from my grandparents who would say that each time we came back to the house. Don't know why they say it but now I do as well.

Vacation went well. The house this year was right on the lake so we spent a lot of time swimming. We attempted to learn to water ski (shout out to Bill & Laurie for being patient on the boat..and Bill is a heck of a dominoes player) which was very fun for this reason alone: Shayna and Matt are highly competitive. Don't get in the way or I'll McCracken some skulls is their motto. They both love the water and if the whole breathing thing didn't get in the way, they would both probably live in the water. So the option to try water skiing was a no brainer, they had to do it. After about 15 tries between them and having no luck on standing up it's my turn.

A little back story on my water abilities: I have taken swimming lessons. I know how to swim, but I basically am really good at one thing and that's keeping afloat (which I feel is the most important part). I can't do fancy stuff like open my eyes underwater and if you race me you will most likely win (unless of course you don't have the floating part down).

Needless to say, I'm the odd bird out of the 3. So when I get in to water ski, it should be a jolly good time had by all except me, who will drink lots of water while being pulled on a jet boat. A funny thing happened on the way to the water cooler though, on my second try I actually stood up and got about 40 feet before falling on my face.

The sudden stop hurt my ankles more than my face, but I had accomplished what I set out to do. I had water skied. Shayna and Matt kept trying but didn't quite make it. When they saw me stand up, Matt made a joke that the only reason I got that far was because it was the only way out of the water. All I had to do was reply with one word: "Jealous"

The other great thing we did while at Deep Creek was that we go to visit Suder's. Now you might not know about Suders, but it's "The best food by a dam site". It's gotta be true, it's on the sign. When you think about it, this isn't much of a claim seeing as how there isn't really all that much else there as far as food. I think Rob said it best when he said "If you hungry, here is better than nothing"

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sept 26, 2006. That's the release date of Weird Al's new album. Nothing else released so far. I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Club HIV

Back in college my roomate Tad and I came up with an idea. We had come up with a lot of ideas, but this one was actually really good. We came up with a nightclub idea called Club HIV (pronounced Hehvee). The concept was that it was a place for HIV positive people to meet other HIV positive people. The thinking went that if you had HIV, you would want to be with someone who also had it. It gave you something in common as well as avoided any unnecessary akward moments when you are on a date and it comes up.
person 1: "Want to come up stairs for some coffee?"
Person 2: "Just so you know, I'm HIV positive"
Person 1: "Oh"

We came up with this idea in 1999. Well guess what...

I wish those guys the best of stole our idea fair and square, but more importantly you followed through on it. Maybe I should look into going foward with some of my other ideas. Like, when you buy a lambskin jacket, you get a pound of meat and some mint jelly with it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why am I a slave to gimmicks?

I know I shouldn't fall for marketing ploys. They have fancy colors on packaging for the weak minded. They have scantily clad ladies to draw you in. I just can't help it though, when there's a gimmick I bite.

For example, at the grocery store we needed to get some mouth wash. There are a billion options to choose from. The 5 gallon size of listerine comes with a free travel size toothpaste and floss. You know which one I got. All I can say is, thank goodness there is no expiration date on listerine.

Yesterday I ran and got lunch at McDonalds. I normally don't get a Big Mac, but if you get the Big Mac value meal you get 3 game tokens for the Pirates of the Caribbean sweepstakes. If I'm going to be eating crappy food, I might as well have a chance to win something. I know I have a 1 in a gazillion shot of winning..but someone has to win.

I recently got a bottle of Man Wash (body wash for those who don't speak Carl). I of course got the Dial brand that "looks like an oil can" (YEAH!).

I don't know why I fall for those dirty marketing gimmicks, but I do. At least I now have plenty of mouthwash, tooth paste, and floss for after I down my big mac and try to win a mustang convertible.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quick Hits

Lots of stuff to post, better do it quick hits style..

  • I watched the World Cup today. Best 3 hour nap I've ever had. I was actually awake for every score in the game. I fell asleep at about the 20 minute point, and woke up at the end of OT. But I don't want to spend to much time talking about the world cup..I lived it.
  • Great Fluffy Biscuits! My new favorite phrase.
  • Shayna is sporting a new 'do. It's now a light brown, with just a hint of red.
  • Shayna is away on business this week. The apartment is a lot lonelier without her in it.
  • Want to see what it like to be in IT? Have a gander at MS Office 2k7. MS has setup a test drive site so you can see how the program looks/works/feels. Being in IT means going to that site, and figuring out where they put everything because you know your users are going to ask you.
  • The ribbon system in office 2k7 will be good for average users. Power users are going to hate it.
  • Storms last week caused intermittent power outages in our apartment. The second monitor now has 2 light spots from the surge.

I think that's it for now. Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, July 07, 2006

So this past week had me see a whole new world of breakfast food. On the 4th of July Shayna made me French Toast (made with rice milk of course).

I gotta say, French Toast is darn good. Later on the 4th Shayna and I met up with Odgie and Christine at Hard Times. After eating we walked over to Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's is now my new favorite grocery store. Not only do they have Soy Ice Cream (great googa mooga!) but they also have orange sorbet inside of an orange (they also had lemon sorbet inside of a lemon and coconut sorbet inside of a coconut). We didn't actually buy the orange on orange action, but I think I'll try soon as I finish my quart of vanilla ice soy.