Friday, July 07, 2006

So this past week had me see a whole new world of breakfast food. On the 4th of July Shayna made me French Toast (made with rice milk of course).

I gotta say, French Toast is darn good. Later on the 4th Shayna and I met up with Odgie and Christine at Hard Times. After eating we walked over to Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's is now my new favorite grocery store. Not only do they have Soy Ice Cream (great googa mooga!) but they also have orange sorbet inside of an orange (they also had lemon sorbet inside of a lemon and coconut sorbet inside of a coconut). We didn't actually buy the orange on orange action, but I think I'll try soon as I finish my quart of vanilla ice soy.


  1. I was originally going to call it Carl Cream but that doesn't convey the same sort of imagery. The actual name of the product is Soy Delicious.

    Everytime I say it I have to stop myself from saying it in a Teen Girl Squad voice.

  2. whats a Teen Girl Squad voice?

    Glad you get to enjoy pseudo-dairy products!

  3. teen girl squad is a cartoon at