Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Club HIV

Back in college my roomate Tad and I came up with an idea. We had come up with a lot of ideas, but this one was actually really good. We came up with a nightclub idea called Club HIV (pronounced Hehvee). The concept was that it was a place for HIV positive people to meet other HIV positive people. The thinking went that if you had HIV, you would want to be with someone who also had it. It gave you something in common as well as avoided any unnecessary akward moments when you are on a date and it comes up.
person 1: "Want to come up stairs for some coffee?"
Person 2: "Just so you know, I'm HIV positive"
Person 1: "Oh"

We came up with this idea in 1999. Well guess what... http://positivesdating.com/

I wish those guys the best of luck...you stole our idea fair and square, but more importantly you followed through on it. Maybe I should look into going foward with some of my other ideas. Like, when you buy a lambskin jacket, you get a pound of meat and some mint jelly with it.

1 comment:

  1. So lemme get this straight, I get a jacket, meat, AND mint jelly? Sign me up for 2!

    I usually don't go for gimmicks, but that's a dealio!