Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why am I a slave to gimmicks?

I know I shouldn't fall for marketing ploys. They have fancy colors on packaging for the weak minded. They have scantily clad ladies to draw you in. I just can't help it though, when there's a gimmick I bite.

For example, at the grocery store we needed to get some mouth wash. There are a billion options to choose from. The 5 gallon size of listerine comes with a free travel size toothpaste and floss. You know which one I got. All I can say is, thank goodness there is no expiration date on listerine.

Yesterday I ran and got lunch at McDonalds. I normally don't get a Big Mac, but if you get the Big Mac value meal you get 3 game tokens for the Pirates of the Caribbean sweepstakes. If I'm going to be eating crappy food, I might as well have a chance to win something. I know I have a 1 in a gazillion shot of winning..but someone has to win.

I recently got a bottle of Man Wash (body wash for those who don't speak Carl). I of course got the Dial brand that "looks like an oil can" (YEAH!).

I don't know why I fall for those dirty marketing gimmicks, but I do. At least I now have plenty of mouthwash, tooth paste, and floss for after I down my big mac and try to win a mustang convertible.

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