Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quick Hits

Lots of stuff to post, better do it quick hits style..

  • I watched the World Cup today. Best 3 hour nap I've ever had. I was actually awake for every score in the game. I fell asleep at about the 20 minute point, and woke up at the end of OT. But I don't want to spend to much time talking about the world cup..I lived it.
  • Great Fluffy Biscuits! My new favorite phrase.
  • Shayna is sporting a new 'do. It's now a light brown, with just a hint of red.
  • Shayna is away on business this week. The apartment is a lot lonelier without her in it.
  • Want to see what it like to be in IT? Have a gander at MS Office 2k7. MS has setup a test drive site so you can see how the program looks/works/feels. Being in IT means going to that site, and figuring out where they put everything because you know your users are going to ask you.
  • The ribbon system in office 2k7 will be good for average users. Power users are going to hate it.
  • Storms last week caused intermittent power outages in our apartment. The second monitor now has 2 light spots from the surge.

I think that's it for now. Hope everyone has a good week!

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