Friday, April 29, 2005

A funny story

This past Sunday was a pretty busy day. First we had church (which is good). Shayna and I went to the early service because we knew we'd be busy working on defining moments stuff after second service. After service we go home and have lunch with our friends Jeff & Ashley. I head back to the church building to start helping with defining moments, and then Shayna comes. I have to stay later so Shayna goes home where I will meet her before heading off to small group.

So I head home. I pull into the apartment parking lot and see her car. I then enter the apartment and it's completely quiet. Shayna's not on the computer, she's not in the bathroom, I walk into the bedroom. The only things on the bed are the unmade blankets and some church clothes that weren't put away. Now I'm getting worried. I check every where again. This doesn't take long, it's a 1 bedroom apartment. I can't seem to find her anywhere.

So I'm standing in the bedroom getting all worried and for some reason I can't think of anything else to do so I call out her name (parental skills at their highest art form let me tell ya) in a big yell. Shayna as it turns out is sleeping under the unmade covers. At least she was sleeping under the covers. After my yell she yells and shoots straight out of the bed like a cannon shot.

her: "what?! what?! what's wrong???"
me: "Oh there you are. Nothing dear go back to sleep"

I love my wife. I love that she likes to play hide and seek. :-)

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