Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trying new things

The past 24 hours I have experimented with a lot. Shayna and I found a grocery store near us called Whole Foods that specialize in "natural/organic" foods. Normally anything natural or organic goes straight to the trash can, but we went because they have a broad selection of soy items.

I never thought I'd be one to jump on the soy bandwagon. Most likely because I always associated soy with tofu. While I still dislike tofu, soy in general isn't to bad. Soy sauce is great on chinese food after all.. :-)

So at Whole Foods we got some new flavors of soy yogurt (key lime and mixed berry), some banana soy pudding, and some soy sour cream (to try beef stroganhoff).

Continuing on the experimentation phase I have officially changed my blog to the beta version. So far I like the hierarchy layout for previous posts, as well as the template modification tools. I also get labels which I like.

Who knows what new items I'll try next. There is after all a koren deli right across the street..


  1. Soylent green is people!


    You've got to tell them!

    Sorry, I never miss a chance for a soylent green reference.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Gotta be careful about going into a place like Whole thing you know you'll be hugging trees and driving a prius (just kidding - WF is nice, but a little steep). A Korean deli though..good stuff. Do they have Bubble Tea?

  3. I can't start hugging trees as I would most likely get splinters. A prius fits right into my gimmick fetish.

    Matt, I don't understand the soylent green reference, but I'm glad you got to share. :-)

  4. What's not to understand? Soylent green is people. It's PEEEEOOOPLE!

    Woohoo, got to do it twice.

    Soylent green is an old Charlton Heston movie that takes place in the not so distant future. Its a sci-fi classic.

    complete movie spoiler below:
    In the future, food is in short supply, and most food products are made with soy, additives are added to change the flavor and color, so there is soylent yellow, soylent orange, soylent pink, etc. Soylent green is the most rare form, but its everybody's favorite, and it turns out to be made from people. At the end of the movie, charton heston got shot and he was laying on a stretcher screaming "Soylent green is people! Soylent green is people!"

  5. Hey babe. I love you and you're dead sexy.