Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The new hawtness

Just tried my first icecream sandwich the other day. Chocolate chip cookie with mint (soy) ice cream. It was hot..but yet confused..I think I'm getting an ice cream headache.


  1. You guys are waaaay to cute for yourselves. Seriously....this is why I think things like "munchkin fu" are euphimisms.

    Anywho, how much sugar was in the ice cream? Just curious, I haven't found a low sugar frozen treat ice cream yet, and I'd really like one.

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    welcome carl, welcome to the world of ice cream addiction and the utter joy of giving into temptation and eating a delicious frozen dream. i feel like we should hug, seriously. i am SO happy you have an option! i'm drinking soy milk at work, cuz it doesn't spoil on the drive up...and see, now you and i can be all soy like that together. hey, i tried to be cute, somedays i am, somedays, not so much. much love, k-ie

  3. What's am I missing here? How come you can all of a sudden eat icecream?

  4. It was soy ice cream, Dad. :-)