Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It is Done

That's it. Finito Lance Ito. It's done. Vacation over and done with. It was nice while it lasted, but now I'm back to the grind stone. Like Sugar Ray Leonard, here are the quick hits:
  • Turducken is mighty tasty. The white meat on the turkey turned out dryer than a fried turkey (which is still my favorite), but the sheer fact that you can eat 3 animals at once and not have it be all ground up (a la hot dogs/sausage/etc) is definitely nice. We will be partaking in the Christmas Turducken. If only they had a way to fit Goose in there. Turgoosen is what it would be called. I don't really like eating Geese. I just don't like the animal.
  • Congrats to Daisha and JR on being pregnant. After June I guess I'll never get to see JR at basketball again. Just as well really... I'm tired of him blocking my shots.
  • Some people are having problems getting the WhoAmI program. If you are one of those and you still want it, send me an email and I'll email it to you. It's really 100K. As an aside, I remember when I had this program on diskette. The thought of having anything on diskette now is absurd. I have word documents that eat 100k as a light snack. Those word documents aern't nearly as fun as that program though. Heck, this blog post is probably going to border 100k.
  • Shout out to my brother in-law as well as my brother for getting cell phones within the past week. Welcome to the late 90s boys.
  • Shout out to our Beta for still being alive. Although I kind of wish he would just kick the bucket. He's very sick. He got pop-eye and the eye popped out. It's just a socket now. He's gasping for air even though the water has plenty. He's been this way for weeks. I don't see how he survives. Those fighting fish sure are fighters.
  • Played Madden 06 on the xbox 360 the other night. I still don't like Madden, but I have to admit that it looks nice. When is that first price drop again?
  • Shout out to Brad Johnson. You've played very average ball but let your team, the Minnesota Vikings, to a 4 game winning streak and are back in playoff contention. I really couldn't care less about the Vikings or Brad Johnson. The only reason I give a shoutout is to irritate Jeff.
  • Shoutout to Jeff for stealing my profile picture. That made me laugh.

Alrighty, that's it for now.


  1. Brad Johnson is a punk QB. The defense is finally stepping up, and in the last 4 games has scored almost as many points as the offense. And that's just sad. Last week was a little different in that even though Brad didn't pass for over 200 yards he still hit Marcus Robinson for 3 TDs. Even a blind fool gets lucky every now and then.

    Oh, and I'll be changing my profile picture know, to me. Not that anyone will notice.

  2. Yeah, I hate that guy..he's a jerk!