Thursday, November 10, 2005

This morning

Some people ask what the best thing about marraige is. There are a lot of things. Not having to drive home, inside jokes (BABE!!), constant sounding board, the list goes on.

I think I have a new favorite though. Last night Shayna and I left a fan on and the window open in our bedroom as we went to bed. It sure got cold last night. When her alarm went off at to(o) early o'clock we snuggled up together until it was actually time for her to get up.

Sure, it's not very manly. But it sure does feel good.


  1. To the contrary, I think that snuggling can be extremely consistent with manliness. But if you were making goofy shmoopie talk, all semblance of manliness goes right out that open window.

  2. well it was pretty early. I have no idea what words were exchanged.