Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mike "Odgie" Miller

So the web blog of love continues on. Taking a nice little rest here and moving on to the man known as Odgie. This is actually going to be difficult because I have a self imposed limit of 300 words per post and I've already wasted a good 30 just explaining that. I'll make up for it later though.

Odgie is many things to me. A friend who helped me come out of my shell. A person to laugh with. A spiritual guru. A person that can go toe to toe with Shayna..and that says a lot.

Odgie spends his life helping people. He started as a minister and now he does social work. He enjoys spending 40 hours a week helping people who are less fortunate, either economically or mentally.

He is able to speak his mind and pose very good discussion/debate with almost anyone he meets. He's smart, intuitive, and loves God.

Odgie is also a big reason why I'm married. He was able to answer questions that I wasn't able to for Shayna. He also showed her that being a Christian doesn't mean not having fun. He stood at my wedding as I got married. Even though he had to drive through a snowstorm in the mountains of PA to do it.

If you have to choose a person to have your back, you should make sure it's Odgie.

And now, a Haiku:
Mike Miller is the man
O D to the G I E
thanks for everything

Your turn Odgie.

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