Monday, November 21, 2005

Quick Hits..with turkey, stuffing, and gravy mmmmm...gravy

  • The Broncos beat the Jets 27-0. That's bad. In the 2nd quarter, the Jets ran 2 plays. That's it. 2 plays. The Broncos had the ball for 14:05 out of 15:00. That's humilliation.
  • Played football for the first time in I can't remember yesterday. The team I was on came out victorious by a huge 48-28 margain. Shoutouts to Sammie for leading us to victory, Andy for doing his best Peyton Manning impression, and Laurie for icing the win. She had 1 TD pass as well as another TD reception.
  • I am so sore but not as bad as it could be. Shout out to my lovely and beautiful wife for rubbing me down with Aspercreme last night. It really helped.
  • This was our last "official" week at Fairfax. Starting in December (next Sunday we'll be in Pitt) we'll be attending The Church at Clarendon. Shayna and I are going to be working on the outreach ministry for the church there. Helping those less fortunate and spreading the word. We're looking forward to getting our hands dirty in the Lord's work.
  • XBox 360 launches tomorrow. I was thinking about waiting in line at walmart and try to get one and then immediately sell it on Ebay afterwards for a tidy profit. The money isn't worth the effort to me though...unless it's like $1000 for the xbox. It won't be because it will definitly have to be sold as used.. ;-)
  • Thanksgiving is this week. I'm really looking forward to spending time with my family (including in-laws which I don't even really think of them that way...well most of them). This year we are doing Turducken up in Pittsburgh. boneless chicken (stuffed with stuffing) put inside of a boneless duck put inside of a boneless turkey. never had one before, but how can you go wrong??
  • Tivo announces today that they are going to be offering Tivo2Go to video Ipod as well as PSP. Will have to be connected to your computer and go through a conversion process (2 hours conversion to 1 hour of video). So now you can pay Steve Jobs $2 for that episode of Lost or you can just do it yourself. Still doesn't make me want to buy an Ipod.

Sorry, no links this time. Nothing good on the internet at the moment.

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