Thursday, November 24, 2005

Who am I

So a long time ago I found this program called Who Am I. It was a character analysis program that worked shockingly well by having you create a picture. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I found the program and have decided to share my results. If you would like to try the program, you can. The hosting place will only have it for a month or so.

* WHOAMI analysis *
{C}opyright : Maurice Smith MOLCOL SOFTWARE (UK) 1992
Character Analysis of: CARL

You can be a bit of a dreamer sometimes, cherishing quiet and reflective moments alone: long baths, and good books are your happiest indulgences. When you do socialise, it will be with one of your few close friends (normally at their place) rather than with a crowd of acquaintances out on the town.
(This is actually pretty true. I like quiet/cave time and I have a core group that a hang out with.)

The word 'Teaser' may well sum up your relationship with other people because you tend to lead them on, creating an image to control and influence how others see you. You like to be liked and can be very sensitive to criticism. Before letting anyone get really close, you must know them for a long time and trust completely that they would like the 'real' you. (Again, surprisingly true)

Although you recognise that spiritual happiness is as important as financial or material security, you may often find it hard to balance the two. This can lead to going full speed in one direction -(material goals) - and then a sudden change to the opposite -(spiritual goals) - when happiness is not achieved. (This would explain the big screen HDTV that suddenly appeared in my living room. THAT's how it happened..)

In general, others find you easy to approach. However, you can be shy of new people in unfamiliar situations. This trait can lead to people that don't know you well mis-understanding your attitude, and seeing you as unfriendly. As you are affected strongly by people you're with, you tend to try and project an image of yourself which best suits their expectations of you. (Shayna thought I was a jerk the first year she knew me...she was right the first time)

Much of what we become is formed in the early years of our life by our parents and family. When you were young your mother was loving and helpful. You don't feel she failed you in any way. Surprisingly, this has not been a major factor in shaping your character and the person you are today. Other major factors in your childhood or adult life have been more influential on you!
(No comment)
You do/did not know your father deeply, but perceive him as an uncomplicated person. He was (or still is?) a lovable, jolly dad. He was normally there when you needed him most. This has had some affect in the past on forming your character. Parental traits, affecting how you like to deal with life, come from your father (a little) but more from other factors.
Your mother and father were often close to each other, although they may not have always demonstrated this fact.
(Ok, the program is a little off here. My parents divorced when I was 13. They were never really "lovey dovey" kind of people. The only time I saw affection was then dad came home from work and they had a kiss hello. I do percieve my dad as uncomplicated and lovable. He was there while I was a child, but after the divorce I definitely feel that he wasn't there)

You can be deep-thinking about subjects that arouse your curiosity. People with your high degree of reflective ability enjoy games, and puzzles in their spare time. (I bet you enjoy doing crosswords) and are attracted to tales of mystery. (I hate crosswords. I like the wording though. I can be deep thinking. I'm typically not except in few inspired instances.)

In astrology one of the most passionate star-sign types is the Scorpion. You possess many of the Scorpion traits: passionate, hot and exciting in love and sensual pursuits. In life you willpursue anything which fires your imagination for as long as it captures you. This type of dynamic obsession can overcome unbelievable odds and obstacles and enables you to achieve great things. But this same power can lead to great pain and and extensive self-damage especially in matters of the heart. (Passionate? Nope. I'm very loyal and don't pursue things for as long as it captures me. Great the dark side?? Noooooooooooooooo)

This has happened to you: your picture is showing repression of all these things - the fire is not burning as bright as it once did.

Summary of other traits and personal tastes:-
Decision making : Plays safe - avoids taking chances.
Day-dreams most of : Travel or escapism.
Worst Nightmares of: Various - rarely has recurrent nightmares.
General Outlook : Balanced - between pessimism & optimism.

(highly accurate actually. )

If you are going to post results, please do so on your own blog. It actually took me a while to format the text. Posting results in the comment field would be very difficult I would think.
So what do you guys think?


  1. Very cool! I love stuff like this. I tried the link, but it just popped up with this web hosting site. Argh. :)

  2. Hannah, on the web page that shows up, there is a link to download the file.

  3. I'll have to take your word for it...b/c today my computer won't even load the page. It's GW...they don't let you do anything! ;)

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