Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend fun

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What a weekend!
It starts off with a hike through Great Falls for my close personal friend Dave's birthday. I've never been to Great Falls before but I gotta say, I am going to be going back. The camera phone does it no justice!

After our jaunt through the woods, we headed over to Famous Dave's and had some BBQ. There was much rejoicing.

On Sunday I was able to watch the Broncos game. The final score came out to 49-21 Broncos but it was a whole lot closer. The Broncos took a 28-0 lead early but then the Eagles came back 28-21. They were on the Broncos 24 yard line and McNabb fires a shot into the endzone. Interception. Momentum swung back to the Broncos and they never looked back. They got lucky though. Sitting in the flat all by himself was Lamont Jordan. Would have had the first down and they probably would have tied the game.

Kudos to Foxworth who had the pick, but bigger kudos to Champ Bailey. Champ reinjured the hammy and rather than stay in the game and possibly cause problems he took himself out.

Fantasy football wise, I got hosed because Tory Holt was inactive. In 2 league's I've definitely lost. 1 I've won. 1 it all comes down to MNF. He has Willie Parker, I have Chester Taylor. I'm hoping the Bus takes all the carries. I'm going into the game with a .3 point lead.

I leave with a Best Headline

PS: I win!

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