Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm off the McOpoly kick..I think

Well not really. I just figured out that if you get a chicken select sandwich you get more properties as well as another best buy buck. This is by far the most cost efficient way to go. The difference between a large value meal of say a big mac or a royale with cheese and the chicken select is less than a dollar. Since you will be getting at least a dollars worth out of the best buy buck you might as well spend the 70 some cents and make a profit of 30 cents.

The only downside to this plan is that instead of eating a greasy unhealthy burger, you end up eating a greasy unhealthy chicken sandwich. The wheat bread is a nice touch, but really who are we fooling?

They say that 1 out of 3 best buy bucks are worth 3 dollars. Well, I must happen to have the worst luck in the world as I got 2 $1 best buy bucks.

Another thing I noticied, which is why I think I'm off the kick, is that if you collect all the pieces to a property, you have a chance of winning that prize. So after you purchase all that food to collect the properties you still have to enter a drawing. It's just not worth it. Starting tomorrow, I'm back on Chinese Buffets.


  1. avoid the chix selects, get the Premium Chix Sandwich, and make it grilled...and no mayo.

    Makes it much healthier, so to speak.

    Don't give up on hasn't given up on you! and check my answer to your post on my post...

  2. I got the grilled classic. My stomach hurt afterward. You're right about the no mayo part, they pile that on..

  3. Chinese buffets are a greater force to recon with than we shall ever know.