Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quick Hits

Don't have enough at the moment to make a complete update on one topic so I thought I'd offer some quick hits..
Treasure Box - All you have to do is click in the right place at the right time..
London Symphony - Playing the Super Mario Bros Theme.
Free the Balloon - Just like Hapland

Hurricanes - Another month another big storm plowing through the south. I feel bad for the people down there. Makes me glad I don't live down there anymore though. Highlight is definitly Al Roker standing outside with the 130 MPH wind. He's got a stage hand holding on to his leg so he doesn't fly away.

Broncos - I give props to the Giants for pulling out the win. The Denver D at the end of a game just isn't getting it done. Although there is one play out of the highlights that I have a problem with. Deep pass to Plaxico. A Denver end is rushing Eli. The tackle is behind the end holding on to the guy's shoulder pads for Eli's life. How is that not a holding call? Everyday..

Bighams - Brent & Kelli have made the formal announcement of their new daughter's name. Shout out to Rachel Joyce Bigham. You'll be fine kid..just don't play with daddy's transformers/action figures/toy cars. Except if it's in the box. That means it wants to come out and play. :-)

Dave Roland - This weekend we are celebrating Dave's birthday by going camping. Been a loooong time since I've been camping and even then it wasn't in the woods. Low of 33 in Front Royal Friday night. Anyone know if Under Armour is supposed to keep you warm as well as cool? It's going to be a lot of fun though. I'm looking forward to the time with the bears and the hike on Sat.

This image is really cool. Follow the pink dots and they disappear. Focus in the middle and the missing dot turns green. Focus harder and the pink dots disappear and it's just a green dot that goes around. I don't know why the eyes do that but it's awesome.


  1. wow... rachel already gets a shout out! i think she got one before i did. but i guess i need to get used to that huh... the baby will get all of the attention. if she's anything like brent, she'll need it more than i will anyway. :)

  2. Don't worry, Kel, I have to lovingly remind him to give me shout-outs sometimes.

  3. I think the pink dot thing burns a hole in your retinas, thus causing them to seemingly disapear.

  4. You mean like the sun?