Saturday, October 01, 2005

To My Wife

I don't always do my best
at making myself clear,
And what I really mean to say
you might not always hear.
For example, when I burp,
that means you're one great cook!
And when I make a vulgar sound,
I love the way you look.
When I (rarely) pass some gas
it means that I'm content.
And when I answer with a grunt
you've got my full consent.
When I snore in bed at night,
It's you I'm dreaming of.
And when I don't say anything
I'm overcome with love.
Happy Birthday dear!  Pumpkin picking was great, pig racing was great, you are great.
(credits to the American Greetings card poem person.  This is exactly me.)


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  2. Thanks, babe and thanks for the party. You are great, no, you are, no, you ARE! We're cheesy . . .