Thursday, September 29, 2005

Week 4

Ok, so I busy last week and completely missed doing week 3.  Time to make up for it..

Bills @ Ain'ts (via Antonio) - Ain'ts have a chip on their shoulder but the Bills have a strong D.  What Choo Talkin Bout McGahee starting to put up the yards.  Would give it to the home team but it's not really their home.  Bills take it.
Bronx @ Jags - Nice to see the Bronx provide the league a workshop on how to demoralize an opponent.  Jags won't roll over like the Chiefs did.  Plummer rollout is money.  Taking the visiting team
Lions @ Bucs - Harrington's days are numbered.  Bucs are on a roll with the caddy.  Griese gets another win.
Texan @ Bungles - Might have to change their name. They are no longer the bungles.  Palmer getting things done, Johnson finally showing the world the kind of receiver he needs to be.  Bungles take this one easy.
Colts @ Thumbtacks - Colts D is providing the wins.  Titans D providing to many yards.  Colts take it.
Bolts @ Patsies - Patsies are the little team that could.  You could plug in some pee-wee players and Belichick would make them into pro bowlers.  Bolts go down and all of a sudden their season is over.
Seaducks @ Potato Skins - Brilliant idea on the scheduling commitee. Have the skins play Dallas and then give them a bye so they have 2 weeks to celebrate.  The only problem with a vacation is coming back to work.  Seaducks roast the skins. mmmm...roasted potatoes...
Rams @ Giants - Giants were embarrased last week. Rams got away with one. Gonna be tight.  Field goal in the end for the home team.
Jets @ Ravens - Jets have crashed and burned.  Down to their # 3 QB.  Only saving grace for the jets is that he's to young to know when to stay on the ground.  Ray Lewis licking his chops.  Ravens in a easy win.
Boys  @ Raiders - I took a risk, fantasy wise, on Bledsoe and it's paying huge dividends.  Raiders still have a week o-line.  Boys d comes though.  Boys take it.
Vikes @ Falcs - Atlanta did really well when they told Vick to rein it in.  Culpepper finally getting his groove.  Shootout.  Vikes in the surprise.
Phili @ KC - KC was embarrased and they are looking to take it out.  McNabb has a sports hernia (abdominal strain).  Probably won't make it though the 1st half but it's a  valient effort.  KC with an easy W.
9ers @ Zona via Mexico city - (Take me down to mexico city where the grass is green and so is the water).  Toilet bowl of the week.  Only reason to watch is to see signs of John 3:16 and ESPN in spanish.  I guess I have to pick someone.  I'll take the 9ers.
Pack @ Panthers - Pack still have yet to get the engine going.  Doubt things will change against the panthers.  Panthers for a big win.


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  2. Babe, you are so funny. I love you!!