Saturday, September 17, 2005

Week 2

The picks the picks what what the picks.

Ravens @ Titans - Both got beat bad last week. Ravens have Wright and Stewart heading the offense. Toilet bowl of the week. Home boys by 3.

Bills @ Bucs - Cadillac "Beep Beep" Williams rumbled for 150 yards vs. the vikes last week. Bills D should be a bit more solid. Griese keeps the wheels turning. Bucs by 7.

Lions @ Da Bears - Harrington still has to prove he's the leader. Bears have to prove that they can score more than a freak TD. Lions roll to a win.

Jags @ Colts - Manning on a good start, just not as good as last year. Colts win.

Vikes @ Bungles - Anyone else find it interesting how last year's vikings offensive coordinator is now in Miami. Now the Vikes can't do anything and the dolphins can? Future head coach in the making down there. As to this game, everyone chants RUDI RUDI..and so it shall be. Rudi with the go ahead TD. Bengals by 14.

Patsies @ Panthers - Panthers lost on a last second field goal to the feel good team of the season. I warned last week of the conspiracy. My brother in law has a conspiracy with the patriots. Since 9/11 the patsies have been surprisingly good despite all the losses to personnel. War on terror is still happening so I guess it's the patsies with the win.

9ers @ Beagles - McNabb is all sore after the chest injury. Not going to be the same all season. Taking the upset special. 9ers going 2-0.

Falcons @ Seaducks - Close game. Coin toss says heads. Don't know what that means. Take the home boys..its safer.

Rams @ Cards - Warner back to the dome where it all began. The Fitz had a big week last week. Think he'll have a big one again. Cards will try to run up the score, but the rams play ball control. Last play of the game it's a screen pass to holt who drop kicks for the winning 3.

Browns @ Pack - Favre has run out of magic. Human mind can only take some many woes before you have to stop working. Browns stink though so the pack get off easy. Pack by 3.

Fish @ Jet Blue - Pennington had 6 fumbles. He needs to use some stickem in pregame. Just don't let him toss the coin. Fish have an O-coordinator who knows how to get things done. Jets outlook grim. Fishies swim to the win.

Bolts @ Bronx - Bronx had a horrific game last week. Don't know if the season is over already. Good news is that they have one top 10 pick from the skins next draft. They might make it 2. If the Bronx lose, the season is over. Bronx by 7...I hope.

Chiefs @ Haters - Haters O-Line looked surprisingly week last week. Chiefs D is either for real or the jets just stink. I'm going with the real deal. Chiefs by 17.

Giants @ Saints but really it's @ Giants - Giants get a huge break with an additional home game. They make the most of it. Win by 7.

Skins @ boys - Boys own the skins. Field goals won't cut it. Easy game, no one watches. Boys by 21.


  1. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about your pick for the Panthers/Patriots game. Not so much that you were wrong, but more precisely that the PATRIOTS LOST...let me type that felt so good. The PATRIOTS LOST. The fact that the Panthers were ahead the entire time except for the very beginning of the game because the Pat scored first is worth at least a week's worth of giddiness. OH and the clip of Tom Brady with his head in his hands on the sidelines during the ESPN Sunday night halftime show was worth the entire season. :)

    Peyton didn't perform as well as I'd like him to nor as well as I know he can in the Colts close call against the Jags, but I'll take the ugly win. It's still a "W".

    P.S. Loved your interesting tidbit on the Vikes OC now at Miami. Wasn't aware of that...very intriguing. :)

  2. How 'bout them 'skins? Who would've thunk?

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Just for the record, I did. Dagger to the heart. Die! Dallas! Die!

  4. Ditto the guy above me!