Thursday, September 08, 2005

Week a nutshell

Since my freshman year of college my dad and I have a tradition of calling who is going to win the games. I thought I'd share my picks. If you want to share as well..feel free:

Raiders @ Patsies - Going for the upset. Collins -> Moss = Easy Money. Raiders by 7
Da Bears @ Da Skins - Still not a believer in Ramsey. Really not a believer in the tomato can the bears have sitting back there. D wins it. Skins by 10.
Bungles @ Brownies - Brownies are sweet but bungles are better. Chad Johnson in the back of the endzone for the winner winner chicken dinner.
Bronx @ Fish - Denver D looks to be a bit more solid. We'll see after this week. Easy win for the boys in blue.
Texans @ Bills - JP Losman gets the start. Not as much experience as Carr. Bills are at home..going with them. Bills by 10
Ain'ts @ Panthers - Ain'ts have a lot on their mind. Conspiracy theory says they win the superbowl. I don't like conspiracys. Panthers with the win.
Jets @ Chiefs - Chiefs still have tons of O and no D. Jets don't really have the O to keep up with the Chiefs. Chiefs roll to the win off the good Priest.
Seaducks @ Jags - Seattle coming off the tough playoff loss. That wish doesn't kill you, hurts a heck of a lot. Close one..take the duckies
Bucs @ Vikes - Bucs starting Griese. Good enough to keep it close and then fold at the end. Maybe I'm still bitter from all the heartbreaks. Have a cold one Griese. Your a real man of genius. Vikes win.
Flaming Thumbtacks @ Stillers - (shout out to Greg Easterbrook for the thumbtack reference) Hoping dad takes the thumbtacks because I'm taking the steelers (he always has problems with the old AFC central)
Zona @ Tall Peeps - Master vs. Protege. Warner vs Manning. will be good. Will be close. Cards fall short on a long field goal. Giants with the win.
Boys @ Bolts - If Gates plays chargers. If not, Boys.
Pack @ Lions - Favre loves to tear into the lions. Harrington really has to prove he's the man. Don't think he's got it in him. Pack wins
Rams @ 9ers - 9ers in disarray. Long time before the glory years return. Rams with the win.
Colts @ Ravens - Freight Train vs. Boulder. Freight Train wins (it's a really fast train with lots of options)
Beagles @ falcons - TO is talking to McNabb? Not good for Vick. Lots of highlights but in the end the Beagles win.


  1. I thought the skins were playing the stars or whatever nickname you and your dad gave the Cowboys. Or is there no Monday night game until the Monday after next? (Oh, and I love you!)

  2. I stand corrected. I knew you wouldn't make TWO mistakes in the same season. I love you mostestest!!!

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM do we pick opposite of your picks?

  4. Only if you want to win money. But if you were to do that you'd be gambling and go to hell.