Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Carl's Blog: Now with more link action

What Wouldn't Jesus Do?

Want to go smaller than the Nano? Try the iPod flea

It's about time we see innovation in the Pizza Fork world.

Nintendo Revolution controller trailer. Looks...interesting.

Grow Cube. Put the items in order to win.

A game as innocently named as "Ball Bounce" is bound to be maddening

Something to do before I die. View the Aurora Borealis(sp?)


  1. You are precious, my love.

  2. Ok. I already hate Ball Bounce.

  3. i want to seethe aurora borealis too! i've heard that some people can hear them, but i don't belive that. it just doen't make sense to me.

  4. The Aurora Borealis is way better than David Borealis . . .

  5. That made me laugh outloud, Shayna! :) Thanks!

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