Friday, October 07, 2005

Week 5

Raven @ Lions - Lions got one stole form them last week but they are on the edge of when they start winning.  Ravens just look plain bad.  Lions by 3.
da Bears @ da Browns - Tough Bears D is keeping them in games.  Browns not getting it done.  Toilet bowl of the week.  Bears in an upset special.
Fish @ Buffs - Ricky Williams is back.  Bills run D is ready.  Takes holcomb 3 quarters to get the rust off but comes through in the end.  Bills by 7.
Patsies @ Falconis - Patsies are mad that they got embarrased.  Falcons are playing well. Can't pick 3 road teams in a row.  Falcons win.
Saints @ Pack - At some point Brett just has to throw it in.  The pack aern't bad..they just play that way.  They find a way to lose again this week.  Saints by 7.
Seaducks @ Rams - I have a feeling Bulger's arm is going to fall off.  He just throws the ball to much.  It works this week but Martz will have to start rotating QB's soon...
Bucs @ Jets - Vinny T comes back, against his former team no less.  I'm sure nobody on the bucs is on the team when he played though..that was at least 10 years ago.  Jets play the Dangerfield respect no respect at all.  Bucs by 14.
Thumbtacks @ Cowheads - Houston is in disarray.  They keep benching people and firing coaches I may have a chance to play on an NFL team. Thumbtacks take the easy win.
colts @ 9ers - wow, how much will the colts win by this week?
panthers @ cards - No matter what Dennis Green does, the cards are the cards and that's all there is to say.  Panthers roll.
Beagles @ Boys - Tough game to call. Going to be a good one.  I'll give it to the home team..I've got to many away boys picked as it is.
Skins @ Bronx - Game of the week for me.  Need the bronx to win otherwise I will be taking grief from every redskins fan I know.  Elam comes through in the end. Bronx by 3.
Bungles @ Jags - Bungles playing hard. I like them this week.
Stillers @ Bolts - Bolts are putting up video game type points.  Stillers have a D that stops almost everyone.  In this type of situation you always go for D.  Stillers for the win.

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