Sunday, April 02, 2006

That's what he said

For the final day of this 6 days of Shayna, I thought I'd share my viewpoint on how I asked her out. This is also located on our wedding page (as well as her viewpoint).

I initially met Shayna while she was working in the George Mason University food court. She was wearing a pair of black vinyl pants that looked really nice. She was quite nice, always had a big smile and was very cheerful. She was very different from all the other cashiers who pretty much hated being there. (Most of them didn’t speak English either). Every time I went to the food court I made sure to look for Shayna and if she were working a register I would be in her line.

A little while later, I see that she is in the S.T.A.R. Center where I work. She had signed up for a video class and needed to complete some projects. This worked out very well since I was the video mentor and I could help her out at any time.

Shayna and I didn’t really hang out outside of our prospective work areas. Every time we saw each other though we would stop and talk. We did talk over AIM though (what do you know, AOL finally did something right!) which helped to get us know each other better. I probably wouldn’t have asked her out (because I’m a pretty shy guy when it comes to girls) if it hadn’t been for my friend Doug.

Doug is a friend that attended Virginia Tech at the time who was interested in a girl of his own. He thought for certain that she was interested in him but he didn’t have the guts to act on his feelings (pretty much the same situation I was in). I was trying to convince him to ask this girl out, when he came back with why wasn’t I asking Shayna out. Well, I knew he had a good point but I hate it when he’s right (even if it’s my point that he stole). So the next time I saw Shayna I would be sure to try and ask her out.

Well the next time I saw Shayna was at the STAR lab. She had to work on one of her projects. Thankfully the lab was pretty empty so if I got shot down not to many people would notice. As I approached her, I wanted to make sure that it would be a good fit and that we would have things to talk about if we did in fact go on a date. I had previously gone out with girls who had nothing in common with me and I didn’t want to have that same experience again. So anyways, I start shooting the breeze with her and so I ask her, “You like football right?”

“Yup” (excellent)

“You like basketball right?”

“I like basketball more than I like football” (an acceptable answer but not the most ideal)

“And you don’t smoke.”

“No, I don’t smoke” (definitely a requirement)

“And you don’t do drugs”

“No, drugs” (YES!)

“Do you have a boyfriend?” (Almost certainly she does, how could a Goddess like this go unattached??)

“No, I don’t” (oh…my…goodness. Don’t blow this!)

“Uhh..err..umm..Would you like to go see a movie sometime, or dinner, or dinner and a movie?” (Dang I’m smooth)

“I would love too” (SCORE!)

So that's how it all went down. We've been together ever since.

I love you dear. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. Happy 2 (err..6) year anniversary!

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