Saturday, April 01, 2006

Thank you God for Your Son

So I'm not quite sure how I did it, but I think I skipped a year somewhere. Oh well, tomorrow will be another story from somewhere.

Last night, Matt Dyer had his "bachelor" party. In our group of friends the bachelor party isn't quite the same as traditional bachelor parties. We don't get drunk and hire a stripper. We get together and play video games. Halo to be exact. While waiting for others to arrive Jeff Young brought Chipotle to eat.

Shayna and I have given up Chipotle for Lent. Everytime she says she wants Chipotle I say "Thank you God for Your Son". It's funny and slighty irritates her which is what makes it great. (For those of you about to be married, slight irritation is the way to go. Not enough that she gets mad, but just enough to get a rise)

So Jeff Young asks if I want some chips and guacomole and the first response in my head is "Thank you God for Your Son". I told him about the joke, and he thought it was funny..but not nearly as funny as Shayna does.

It's great to have inside jokes.

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