Thursday, April 13, 2006

From 32nd to 45th

Continuing our story of "As the Vacation Turns" our young couple find themselves at Penn Station trying to make their way through the labyrinth of underground tunnels just to get to street level..

I have a horrible secret to share. I have a very bad habit that irritates Shayna to no end. The habit is this: We will be walking somewhere and something will catch my eye. I will stop to look at it but at no point in time will I say anything to my loving and understanding wife and she will keep on walking and occasionally say something to me as if I were still right next to her. It is usually at this point she realizes I'm not right next to her.

This can happen in pretty much any venue from Best Buy (expected) to the grocery store (not so much). However, this particular habit can be especially dangerous in NYC where there are tons of things to look at (signs, buildings, stuffed monkeys that scream when you squeeze their tummy's). When we made it top side I made absolutely sure that I did not stop under any circumstances. And if I did I would have to alert Shayna right away. This worked well with the slight exception of when we passed the Toys 'R Us in Times Square that has a Ferris Wheel inside of it. I think I said something like "WHOA" and that alerted Shayna ahead of time that I was distracted.

After much walking we arrive at the hotel. While waiting in line to check in, we see two guys that had ridden the same train we had. Shayna said they were married gay lovers having a romantic weekend. I said there was a possibility they were just metrosexual friends. Either way it felt like we had lost a round on Amazing Race. They got to the hotel a lot faster than we had. We felt stupid..and contagious. We vowed that the gay metrosexual couple would never beat us again. And they didn't.

While checking into the hotel they ask for ID as well as a credit card to put incidental charges. Shayna breaks out her ID. I break out my wallet and flip open the part where my ID is located. No ID. I had taken it out to get on the train and Shayna had held on to it. I ask her for the ID and she says she doesn't have it. She gave it back to me on the train.

Very few times has my heard actually stopped beating. This was one of them. The ID is needed to board the train home. The ID is needed to check into the hotel. The ID will now be required any time I use my credit card (because that's my luck). In total embarrassment to Shayna I started unpacking our backpack (which we used to pack books/games/etc) at the checkout table in a frantic attempt to find my ID. After much searching it was my wallet, where I normally put my AAA card (the AAA card was needed for the train as well).

Next post will be later tonight about our first night in NY. Nyeh nyeh nyeh

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