Friday, April 14, 2006

Tavern on the Green

Our first night in NYC. We spend some time in Times Square (ok, we went to the Toys R Us to see the Ferris Wheel), had a hot dog from a street vendor and then got ready for Tavern on the Green.

We got all dressed up and then took a cab ride over. After seeing all the traffic (and watching how long it takes to get anywhere on Apprentice) we figure we should leave pretty early. We take a cab and it takes the cab approximately 10 minutes. So we have about 45 minutes to kill before our reservation.

While we were there some handsome cab rides were there (Handsome cab rides are the ones with the horse and carraige). We decide to take the "30 minute" ride around central park. After what seemed like 15 minutes we arrived back at Tavern. We go in just to see if we can get in early and sure enough that's no problem.

The menu at Tavern has a lot of items on it that I don't know how to pronounce. I knew stuff like Salmon, or chicken but all the sides and such were just way over my head. I'm sure for others who understand it and can eat dairy it would be awesome. The service there is awesome. You have 2 waiters. One that actually brings you your drink/food and the other is the captain. The captain takes your orders and makes sure you are taken care of.

The captain was very understanding of my milk allergy and practically had the chef create whole new meals that wern't on the menu just for me. Shayna has the crab stuffed lobster with twice baked potato & asparagus. From the look on her face, it was good. She also had the chocolate mousse cake for desert.

So the overall review is thus:
If you have an opportunity and can afford it, you should try it once. Shayna recommends the twice baked potato.

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