Tuesday, April 11, 2006

come on ride dat train

Our vacation was only 4 days, but so much stuff happened in those 4 days that it would be impractical to have it all in one post. So I'm going to split them out a bit..today: Just getting to NYC.

Shayna and I stayed up late Thursday night making sure everything was in the right place for J-Mo (shout out to J-Mo!) to feed the animals. We got everything packed etc. There is a little drama here because we are out of cat food. So far we have only been feeding them Science Diet kitten food (official kitten food of the adoption agency). However, we've only been able to find science diet in petco & petsmart. Those places closed at 9 pm and open at 9 am. We need to be at the Springfield Metro by 9:30 am to make our train on time. At 10:45 we make the call to just get kitten food from the grocery store. Typically it's a bad idea to change food so quickly like that..especially for a kitten. But we realized that J-Mo was feeding them and would have to clean up anything in case things went disastrous. Crisis averted to future J-Mo (Shout out to future J-Mo!).

We get to the metro and I have my handy card to pay for parking, but there are big signs with an unfriendly font stating that max parking is 24 hours. We were pretty sure that they would tow a car if it were there 4 days, so we parked at the mall, hoping that the mall wouldn't care enough to have it towed.

The metro ride went smoothly, as well as the train ride. I have to say that if you have the opportunity and time to take a train, you probably should. It is so choice. Plenty of leg room, a snack car that you can go to at any time, and not a lot of people.

We spent the 3 hours just playing card games and even took a little nap.

Coming up next..from the train to the hotel..or Bruce Willis took Mos Def 16 blocks. We can surely go 11.

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  1. Have you read Matt's blog yet? You should. I love you!!