Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Superior Brain Power

So while at the grocery store last night, as I waited in line to checkout, I saw a magazine. The magazine was the 2006 yearbook. I thought about purchasing it so that I could read what would happen this year and then make bets. If only I would use my superior brain power for the forces of good rather than for greed.

Does anyone else get self conscious when they reach checkout? I was purchasing some milk, shredded lettuce, cream horns, and Catalina dressing. It looks like a meal in itself (although a very poor fit for a bachelor). I wonder what the checkout people think or if they even bother paying attention.

For instance if you just purchase some preparation H then the checkout person has got to know about your business. Do they talk about it?

Check out person 1:Hey Frank, I had this really hot girl come through my check out lane. Most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Check out person 2:That's Hot

Check out person 1: The downside is that all she purchased was some preparation H and beano

Check out person 2: That's Not

Are you self conscious now?

Last night on Scrubs there was an Air Band. This is so awesome. Who wants to make an air band? (bonus points on if you know who the drummer is (he's only been in 2 movies))

Enough jibber jabber. Go burn something up


  1. I don't get self-conscious at checkouts, but then again I've never bought Depends.

    I do enjoy looking at what other people are buying but I don't think it's a big deal. Just something to look at while I wait for the twit working the register to measure my fruit and vegetables. (Twit is being used in the nicest possible way.)

  2. That Air Band was awesome! It was kinda long though...but awesome!