Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Son of a.... Bill Gates was right!

(NOTE: This is a techy post.. feel free to skip to the next blog if you don't like those)

I like my xbox. It's fun to play games on. I'm even debating on whether I should upgrade to the xbox 360. I am not, however, a Bill Gates fan. I upgrade to the latest office/OS only when I absolutely need to. I try and keep as many virus scanners/spyware scanners around to try and clean up the security holes that they leave behind. Bill Gates though, is a visionary. I just finished reading an article over on IGN about next gen DVD.

The latest scuttlebut is that the Hollywood Studios are pushing to require that Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs use HDMI or DVI connections to see the full resolution of the movie. They want this for the copy protection benefits that those formats can employ. If you don't use the HDMI or DVI the disc will play at a lower resolution (sub 720p).

My TV only has 1 HDMI spot and it's being used for cable. I don't know of to many TV's that have more than 1 HDMI. If it's a choice between DVD or cable I'm going to have the hi res on cable (only because I don't watch DVDs that often). I think a lot of people feel the same way and I feel bad for the format because it's not going to be widely adopted. People are going to go through a downloadable subscription model (like on demand) and that means Bill Gates was right. He had the 360 come with a normal dvd drive because he wanted to skip the Next Gen disc and go straight to download.

I just hope you can't get a virus from the movie.

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