Monday, February 20, 2006

An important announcement regarding the size of our family..

This post will be a bit on the short side I think. Only because when you have news such as this, it's best to just get right to the point. Pass around the cigars. We are announcing a new boy in our family that is 5 months along. Here is the picture if you are interested in these such things.

We were thinking the name of Ike but I don't know if we are going to stick with it. If there are any ideas please shout em out.


  1. How 'bout "BALLS"?

  2. what a mean, mean trick!!! i was already picturing a little baby willis!

  3. Anonymous7:49 AM

    um, i vote for a variation of ike, call him icarus, you can always shorten it to ike. 'course, you could always call him james, as in 007...since he is a tuxedo cat. hee. k-ie

  4. Anonymous4:28 PM

    How about LJ or Tony G?