Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sneaky and the Bandit

For those of you who don't know Sneaky, he's a pretty large cat. A veritable snow leopard in our 1 bedroom apartment. He has taken on the Mighty Gator (mother in law's Pitt bull dog) and barely escaped. After that loss though, he's been on a rampage.

I thought for sure Foxy was going to meet her maker when those two met on the battlefield.

He defeated the Orange Cat Next Door during his brief stint in Fredericksburg, VA using his cat like reflexes, and stealth capabilities to pounce on the intruding cat.

Who knows what other numerous conquests he has had during that 9 months. I thought for sure Sneaky was the kind of cat that ruled the roost. With his white cat-armour he protected this house.

The next victim in the long line would be Bandit (his birth name is Bullet. Shayna refused to change the name to Wizard at my request..but she did see the humor. Ike was a short lived name..in fact Bandit was officially dubbed last night in a ceremony that involved a 77 Pontiac Transam Firebird, Excalibur, and late night cat nip).

So as we opened up the cage to let Sneaky have his way with the latest foe, I was nervous. I was worried that we might have to call the adoption agency and let them know their cat lasted all of 40 minutes. But as we opened the door the most amazing thing happened. Sneaky looked at Bandit, Bandit looked at Sneaky, and then Sneaky bolted like a lightening flash to the bedroom to hide under the bed.

Mighty warrior indeed.

For those of you looking for the latest in distractions..here's blueprint. Fun, yet frustrating


  1. You make me laugh, babe. That was a perfect explanation of how it went. :_)

  2. Oh and I would like to have it pointed out that we in no way were attepting to have a Battle Royale when we opened Bandit's cage . . .

  3. Do we have to call him "Bandit", or can we call him "The Bandit"? I think it would go well with "The Sneak".

  4. You can call him the Bandit, but it doesn't quite have the same ring as "The Sneak!"