Monday, February 13, 2006

Game Theory at it's finest

Ever wonder what Russell Crowe was writing on the windows in "A Beautiful Mind"? Why it was game theory. I had to take a class on it during college. Of course I never had to write a paper like this.

The Olympics started this weekend. I was bummed that Apollo Ohno didn't make the finals in short track. I was glad to see us get the gold in half pipe.

Does it seem like we're just adding events so we can get more medals? That sounds easier than trying to beat the other countries.


  1. Speed-skating is cool; people can get hurt by other people. I'm very much of the opinion that head-to-head competition (like snow-board cross) has the possibility of greatly increasing one's viewing pleasure.

    Some of us were watching the half-pipe last night. I won't deny that those guys have talent. However, how much better would that event be if two people went at the same time and, per JR's suggestion, if they're given jousting sticks? They'd still compete for those technical points but an extra point bonus would go to the athlete able to knock their competitor out. If they're succesful, they're pretty much guaranteed a victory... kinda like Quidditch.

  2. In my experience, females are almost universally unwilling to equitably share the costs of seat position transfer per toilet operation, so I ascribe to the toilet seat lid down method. Sure, 2C is expensive, but equity ain't cheap!