Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It has arrived

I was wondering if it would ever get to me. I had a feeling it would when it started with Shayna. But after long last it has finally been passed to me.

I am sick.

I hate being sick. It's totally the worst feeling of all time. At the moment it's not to bad. It's just a sore throat. But it will get worse. I'm going to be on a strict liquid diet until it's gone. I just hope that it doesn't take to long...

I'll get to the web log of love sometime. Thanks Leann for passing it to me!


  1. LOL! Babe, you make me laugh . . . I love you!

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    You got sick because you're an evil sinner and God is laying the smackdown on you. Probably because you don't play enough Halo with your old friends.

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  4. Four main intakes, brother. It took me years of trial and error to figure this out. It seems rather simple, but it's all in the combination.

    Write this down - head to the nearest pharmacy (or Target), stock up - and begin this plan immediately.

    1) Take one 1400mg Echinacea pill with every meal (3 times a day).

    2) Take 2 multivitamins a day. One when you wake, one at around dinner.

    3) Take one or two 500mcg B-12 pills a day. Helps your energy and generally heals. Also aids metabolism (assisting in flushing the system).

    4) TONS of water all day. Flush it out. (I'm talkin' 150-250 fluid ounces a day) Pee boy pee!

    I'm tellin' you, this works like a charm. I haven't been sick in over 2 years since I've figured this out. As soon as I feel something coming, I kick the above plan into gear.

    Sorry to hear you're sick. But give the above plan a shot.
    And if you need a sleep-aid. Nyquil or Tylenol PMs. And for the pain, Advil, Aleve or Tylenol. But stick with the top 4 for the main solution.

    Oh and eat. Chicken, chicken, and more chicken. And yes, spinach.

    Good luck bro.

  5. I can totally sympathize with you, check out my blog today, we have something in common.

  6. thanks for the prescription Dr. Sheets.

    Can I just have a shot instead?

  7. Anonymous3:24 PM

    i dont get it. God loves you no matter what and playing Halo has nothing to do with it.

    this is coming from a true CHRISTIAN!!!!

  8. Err..I believe The Man was telling a joke. God probably would appreciate me killing The Man with a punch to the back of his head as he tries to snipe that cherry picker Bigham. That's right "The Man" I'm talking to you! You can't handle me on the Halo field!!!

  9. Anonymous9:57 PM

    The Man is coming for your punk fanny, roaring along in the warthog, shotgun stick out the window. Jesus is going to be in the passanger seat, laying down some suppresive fire, and the Lord himself is going to be on the chain gun, smiting all who dare throw plasma gernades. The Lord is going to work you over, dropping your shields, and then Jesus and I are going to jump out and finish you off with some vicious Bible thumping. When we're done with you punks, we're headed over to MFC for some late night custard.

  10. You mean KFC for some Chicken? Because that's what you are..a chicken!