Friday, March 31, 2006

Year 4 - The Exodus

Year 4 started with the bang that was our wedding, but quickly pimp slapped us when we had to wake up at 4:30 am for our commute to work (after the honeymoon of course). We did that for as long as we could, but in August we made the move to Burke.

But this blog isn't about that trip. No, this blog is about our first trip out Las Vegas. It was Valentine's day weekend and Shayna's cousin Nina was getting hitched. We decided to go to the wedding and treat this as our valentine's present to each other.

Now, we were both a little bit nervous about this trip. Shayna was nervous about the flight. I was nervous about her gambling (we had gone to a casino on our honeymoon and she was addicted to the quarter video poker game. Especially the pot of gold game in which if you got a certain card comonation you got to choose a pot of gold as a multiplier of your winnings).

So we fly from Dulles to San Fran (San Francisco is so the airport) with a connecting flight to Vegas. The layover was supposed to be 45 min which to me is the perfect layover time. Just enough time to get to the terminal you need to get to but not be rushed. Well, we get there and due to a freak rain storm in Vegas(it is desert after all) they had delayed all the flights by 2 hours. Our plane finally arrives but as you can imagine we were both a little bit cranky. We were supposed to get to our hotel around 1 am and we were just leaving for vegas at 1.

When we get to Vegas we go to the rental agency and they say that they don't have the car we reserved. They were going to give us a free a minivan. So by now we are really cranky with each other. It's past 2 am (4 am ET), we have no idea how to get to the hotel, and we are driving a minivan. This is a great Valentine's day weekend.

We arrive at the hotel and every thing is smooth, we get our room (which is by far the nicest hotel room we have stayed at) and we make up before going to sleep (nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh).

Because our bodies were still on ET we didn't sleep for very long. We got up and saw the sunrise over the mountains. It was awesome.

As an aside, we ended up spending a couple hours going through Vegas casino's looking for the pot of gold video poker game to no avail. Guess that's a reservation special.

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