Thursday, March 16, 2006


So the week started off in the 80s. Tuesday fell like a nice fall day. Wednesday was a cold fall day and depending on which weatherman you listen to, we could have a "wintry mix" tonight. I wonder what's going to happen on Saturday..

Of course you didn't come here for the weather report, you came here for the linx.

The only thing lower than this for a celeb, is not getting any requests. I wonder how many hire Mr. Belding..

I haven't done this..but it sure looks nice.

It's a puzzle game, it has lots of multi-colored bricks, and it's got a cute little guy that squeaks. Any game that has 3 of the 5 fundamental rules for making a good puzzle game must be fun, right?


  1. On the wallpaper of the world you should read the disclaimer. Pretty funny, makes me not want to download it.

  2. For some reason, when the beginning of your thread said "This weak began in the 80's", I assumed you meant you had a flashback to the 1980s. Figured you had managed to relive your childhood via eating sugary cerials and watching classic Transformers and Thundercats reruns. Or perhaps you were just reminicing about HeMan or Voltron. Dangit, now I'm thinking about it.

    And yea, I played the puzzle game for like 20 minutes when just meaning to look at it. That's pretty bad.