Thursday, March 30, 2006

6 days of Shayna

Shayna is doing 6 days of me so I thought I'd return the favor. However, she's got a head start, so I'll have to catch up quick-hits style.

Year 1 - 2 things stand out during the first year. The first is when I met her family. For our 1 month Anniversary I took a bus up to Pittsburgh to spend the weekend with her. It was at this time that I met most of her family for the first time (I had met her father & step mom previously) at a BBQ that her mom was hosting.

Her mom crushed her boobs against me and her uncle threatened to kill me (those events are unrelated). But the food was good so I stuck around. :-) For her anniversary present I got her an alarm clock (I'm so smooth it hurts) and a framed picture of us at a dance.

The other event was in the fall, going to NYC and watching a Broncos-Jets game. It was the first time I'd ever seen them play live. It was an amazing weekend and even though we got mad at each other for a little bit of it, a smile comes to my face every time I think of that vacation.

Year 2 - This year we had our first vacation "together". I say together in quotes because we also took my brother Gordon. We drove down to Florida in my Ford Escort to see my dad. I'm making it sound a little bit worse than it was. It was a really fun vacation. What was really important was that we were together for a week straight and I wasn't tired of being with her. Looking back, we got to feed dolphins, ride roller coasters, and watch Gordon on the "Bombs Away" ride (I was to chicken to do it).

Year 3 - Year 3 brought engagement and all the joys that are planning a wedding. This was probably our toughest year because I was living in Fredericksburg with my Grandfather at the time and Shayna's living conditions wern't the best either. Funny story about this year, we very nearly eloped in Feb and didn't tell anyone just so we could be married and get rid of the stress. We ended up not doing it though, which I think worked out for the best.

Ok, so this really wasn't quick are some links to make up for it:

Hapland 3 - I know some of you loved Hapland 1 & 2. This one, probably more frustrating.
Addictive break out clone - It's not hard, but it's fun to go through all the levels.


  1. I forgot about the elopement story. Ahhh, memories.

  2. Oh yea ... both perspectives! Hey, by the way, you are helping keep us all sane -

  3. Dude the bombs away thing was awesome. Although my favorite memories of wet n' wild will always be the numerous time I almost sent our group watercraft shooting out of the tubes. You remember those things where we all sat in a row on a raft, and my bulk would cause us to fishtail dangerously close to the edge? Classic.

    The elopement bit could have worked; I had at the time pledged that I'd take full responsibility for the two of you running off into the sunset, and fending off raging parents with a screw driver. All the groomsmen would have been wearing Hawaiian shirts and the bridesmaids would have been wearing...something, probably, who knows. Still though, the hotel the wedding was at was nice. I really had to resist the temptation to fly paper airplanes from the fifth floor down to the first.

    PS – I still eat apple cores.