Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What a day so far

Just read the early news on Football happenings last night. Been a busy day for the football world.

  • Broncos trade their 29th overall pick for the 15th overall and a 3rd rounder this year and a 4th rounder next year. - This is huge. The Broncos now have the 15th and 22nd pick overall. There is a lot of available talent at 15th. I have no idea who they are going to select, but my guess would be either a wideout and a defensive lineman.
  • Vinatieri goes to the Colts - If you can't beat em, steal em. The Colts let the "most accurate kicker" go for the "most clutch kicker". I have a feeling accuracy won't be a problem in the dome. Leann Alwood has got to be doing cartwheels.
  • Griese signs a 5 year deal with the Bears. - Feel bad for Bears fans. That's 5 years of torture from a guy who you'd think will be pretty good, but really, he's not. I kid, I kid. For real though, don't give him any beer...or let him near stairs.
  • TO with the Boys - Drew Bledsoe joked that he just became a better QB without having to do anything. Enjoy it while it lasts Drew, no telling what TO will come up with to damage your psyche. Maybe he'll go the Seinfeld route and say your head is disproportionately large for your body.
  • The Vikings agree with me about Daunte Culpepper - Jeff, I told you all season..the guy is just not that good. It's a shame Miami will find out the hard way. At least you have Chester Tayler now. That dude is a beast!

On a completely unrelated note, Shayna's Ipod screen got broke. Anyone have experience in replacing one? I saw will do it for you for about $90. Seeing as how that's half the cost of what we paid, I'm trying to find the better deal.


  1. Not necessarily cartwheels but there was jubilation and screaming had on Tuesday night when I found out. #1 we get rid of the jerk and #2 we get a guy who won 2 superbowls for the Pats. I'm definitely an avid Pats "hater" (hate is such a strong word), but I always liked Adam. Never had a problem with him. In fact, I thought he got robbed on the superbowl MVP...twice!

  2. Just the screen? Like, the plexiglass bit? Because I know that I could have replaced the same thing on my PDA but it was like fifteen bucks. Basic technology for that bit should be the same, I'll see what I can dig up.