Monday, August 15, 2005

sorry about the HTML and boy is my wife great

Sorry about the poorly formated HTML. Apparently if you have a word long enough in the title of your post, it will move all the stuff in the navigation pane to the very bottom of your blog. Such is life.

Last night we had our combined small group. It was a lot of fun having others there with us. After our bible study (shout out to Mike) we went over to Whitlows. (shout out to Andy for the suggestion) Nice little restaurant. I wouldn't mind going back.

Yesterday was also a day that made me take a look back at why my wife is so awesome. While at Whitlows, Rachel (shout outs to Rachel AND Christine for making the initial appearances at small group) asked about how Shayna and I met. We told the whole story about how Shayna quasi stalked me, how I made sure she was "worthy" of me, and how God has interacted throughout our relationship. I knew all this stuff before of course, but it's always nice to go back and revisit every once in a while. If you haven't heard the story and don't feel like waiting for us to tell it to you, you can go here.

Yesterday I also had a disturbing dream. I had always heard that when you die in your dreams you die in real life. Well, that isn't really the case, but dieing in your dreams is not fun. I've forgotten most of it, but basically I was with this gang and we were going to kill some others. I backed out at the last minute and waited in the car. My gang got slaughtered and then they came after me. I looked out the car and saw a man with a rocket launcher pointed right at me. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to die and just sat there and waited for the missle to land. After that I wondered around, but there was no one anywhere. I found sneaky (our cat) but he was afraid of me and kept hissing at me (I think because I was a ghost). Throughout the dream I wasn't really sad or anything except at the very end. I found Shayna and it was her birthday. Everyone was there for her party giving her gifts and such but she was sitting by her self looking lonely. I walk up to her and tell her that I lost my ATM card and that she should take out some money to get herself something for me (Ghosts don't carry ATM cards). She started to cry and said that she couldn't because there wasn't anything left. She had to take off so much work off because of my death.

It's a stupid dream, but it shook me up Sunday morning. The thought of hurting Shayna in any ways pains me so much. I can't imagine my life without her and it made me sad to see how she was without me. I guess we'll either have to life forever, or die together in our sleep.

Alrighty, enough mushy talk. Next post will be on fantasy football or how much I love spaghetti (shout out to Pop-Pop for the secret family recipie)


  1. Well that settles it. Carl, if you ever die, I'm going to kick you in the no-nos.

  2. Dave, I appreciate you wanting to kick Carl in the no-no's for ever hurting me. :-)

    Babe, if you die, I'll kill you.