Monday, August 08, 2005

I fought the law, and the law took me over it's knee, spanked me and screamed "WHO'S YOUR DADDY!"

On Thursday and Friday Shayna and were in VA Beach. We decided to take a two day mini vacation and it was a lot of fun. We spent a couple hours at the beach, ate at Sonic, went to the VA aquarium and overall just had a relaxing time.

We found over the two weekdays that traffic is pretty horrid in VA Beach. A lot of times you will be cruising along and suddenly have to slam your brakes. As we were exiting the tunnel, someone from the right lane decided to stop to try and make a u-turn. I thought for sure we were gonners.

On the way home traffic was pretty bad as well. It was slow for no discernable reason (commonplace in Northern VA). As it opened up, I got into the HOV-2 lane and started cruising. I start to space out a little and didn't pay attention to my speed. Next thing I know I pass a cop, I look down and I see I'm cruising at 80. Naturally the cop pulls me over. (shout out to the cop..if your reading this)

So I get a ticket. 79 in a 65. Most people, when they receive a ticket, are upset at the officer. They feel that the officer should be out getting criminals or real law breakers. It's just a speeding ticket. There are rapists, murders, and politicians to catch. I don't feel that way though. The way I see it, I'm just as much a law breaker as those other people. Sure my penalty is not as stiff, but that doesn't change the fact that I endangered not only myself, but my wife and other drivers as I sped along the highway.

Perhaps I'm a goody goody, or maybe I read James to much. People have been rationalizing laws since the begining of time. That if you lie and have to pay 1 pigion it's not as bad as killing which is worth a goat. James makes it clear though that to God, there are no different penalties. If your guilty, the fine is that you don't get to be with him. I think it's important to remember that whenever we tell "little white lies" or take a pen from the bank.

I'm now a "bad boy" as Bryant would put it. All the girls will be after me. Sorry ladies, I already got a great one.

Good thing I have a good getaway car.


  1. You make me laugh, babe. Especially the part about how there are politicians to catch. And you're not a goody goody, you're just not willing to sacrifice your integrity and I love and admire that. This reminds me of the person who suggested that we play up the school linked to our church to make ourselves look better to the people our church wants land from. And no one said out loud that it's deceptive, but it is . . .

  2. Interesting..I thought the shout out to the cop was the funniest part..

  3. I think when you signed the ticket, you should have written in your blog address...having the cop read and post would be awesome...and I think would earn you TONS of shout out points.