Thursday, August 04, 2005

If you keep that up, one day your teeth will fall out!

Shayna and I went to the dentist yesterday. It was an interesting trip. Dr. Kenneth Gregory is a good dentist. He's funny, explains things well, and overall a nice guy. He's going to keep my teeth in my head which is an added plus.

I won't go into to much detail on Shayna's visit other than she had more cavities than me (I had none) which is funny because if you know Shayna you know that she takes extremely good care of her teeth. She brushes every day and flosses if not everyday then every other day. I just recently started flossing more than twice a month. The doc says I have some of the strongest teeth he's seen. However, my visit wasn't completely rosey. I have periodontal disease.

Apparently it's a problem with my gums. The plaque has gotten into them and if I don't have it taken care of, it will eat away at the bone holding my massivly strong teeth in place. While he's poking and prodding around it makes me realize how this relates to God (I'm sure this will make sense to none of you) (shout out to H.Dixon by the way if you've gotten this far). Satan can tempt you and cause you to sin. When he succeeds these would be the cavaties that need to be fixed by the dentist. But if he doesn't succeed, he'll keep attacking..only this time he'll try and shake you from God (I guess the bone).

You know looking back this post isn't very good. I had a point yesterday morning when I started it but then tons of work came in and I didn't get back to it until this morning. At least it's an update (shout out to my wife, she's so great!)!

In football news, the first preseason games are this weekend. Hall of Fame game first and then a monday night game. 2 more days..tick tock tick tock.

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